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Our desserts are made with the freshest ingredients and will vary from day-to-day.

These are some of the desserts we will be featuring.

Our Signature Chocolate Cream-Filled Cake W/Sugar Lace Doily & Rosette is available daily.

This lovely and delicious cream-filled chocolate cake, which will easily serve two,

is iced with creamy chocolate frosting, topped with a sugar lace doily, edible pearls and an adorable sweetheart rose.

Almost too pretty to eat!

Not enough room for dessert, you must order one of these beauties to go, which will easily serve 2!

$8 each

Signature Cake

Bars & Brownies

Cream Cheese Lemon Bar (desserts vary daily)

If you love our Lemon Tea Bread, you must try these bars! This is a deliciously moist bar with a wonderful cream cheese frosting, finished off with fresh grated lemon rind. Oh yes!


Oreo Truffle Brownie W/White Chocolate Icing (desserts vary daily)

These rich and fudgy brownies are most definitely the best brownies you will ever eat! The delicious Oreo truffle cream cheese topping make these brownies stand out above the rest. Enjoy!


Oreo Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Brownie (desserts vary daily)

These gooey chewy brownies are jam packed with flavor ... an Oreo cookie and peanut butter filling with a chocolate chip cookie base. It's sure to please your taste buds!


Desserts – Cakes & More

Miss Hickory’s Signature Cake

Moist chocolate cake, marshmallow buttercream filling, chocolate ganache icing, an edible sugar lace doily with pearls & a sweetheart rose ... request one to go!!

Strawberry Crunch Cake (desserts vary daily)

A wonderfully refreshing dessert packed with fresh strawberries, cream cheese and heavy whipping cream on top of a pecan graham cracker crust, topped with a nice crunch pecan graham cracker topping!


Strawberry Cream Cake (desserts vary daily)

This cake is to die for! A delightful cream cheese filling loaded with fresh strawberries, pressed between two layers of moist white cake, bordered with wonderfully fresh and sweet sliced strawberries. Decadent!



Chocolate & Vanilla Cream Cheese Cake (desserts vary daily)

This dreamy cheesecake is layered with cream cheese mixed with our delicious whipped cream, a decadent chocolate filling and then a creamy vanilla filling, all atop a wonderful crunchy pecan crust, finished off with more of our delicious whipped cream and chocolate shavings. We assure you, you have had nothing quite like this before. Enjoy!


Oreo Cookies’n’Cream Cheesecake (desserts vary daily)

You don't have to be a kid to love Oreos! These mini cheesecakes will take you back to your childhood. A yummy cream cheese base, filled with crushed Oreos atop a wonderful graham cracker crumb base, topped with a dollop of delicious whipped cream and an Oreo cookie!


Pumpkin Cheesecake (seasonal - desserts vary daily)

This amazing cheesecake has a delightful gingersnap and pecan crust, filled with pumpkin and a wonderful blend of savory spices. A seasonal favorite!


Tiramisu Cheesecake (desserts vary daily)

This delicious cheesecake has a gingersnap crust, layered with a delightful Mascarpone cheese and whipped cream filling and lady fingers soaked in espresso, dusted with cocoa powder. This is sure to be a favorite!



Chocolate Covered Oreos

These little beauties are mini Oreo cookies covered in creamy white chocolate with a delicate floral motif. The miniature cookies are sold in a set of five, while the original size cookies are sold in a set of 3. They make a wonderful little gift and can be offered as favors for special events.



Bavarian-Style Apple Torte (desserts vary daily)

Apples, with just the right amount of cinnamon and sugar, are layered atop a wonderful cream cheese filling and topped with sliced almonds, making this torte amazingly delightful!


Almond-Pear Cream Cheese Torte (desserts vary daily)

A wonderfully delicious torte layered with fresh pears and cream cheese filling, topped with sliced almonds ... a Miss Hickory's Tea Room favorite!



Chocolate & Vanilla Cream Brioche Bread Pudding (available daily)

You've got to try this bread pudding!! Made with a combination of fresh Italian bread and Vanilla Cream Brioche, whole milk, eggs, wonderful spices and a secret ingredient that will keep you guessing ... this bread pudding is to die for!! Then, we top it with our heavenly homemade whipped topping and drizzle it with chocolate & caramel sauce. Oh my ... all you'll need is a pair of Angel wings!!!