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Miss Hickory’s Tea Room offers a nice variety of ‘one-of-a-kind’ gifts,

which will be displayed throughout the main level of the tea room.

Please ask your server for assistance.

Thank you!

Here are just some of the items that will be available:

~ Gift Certificates ~

~ From our Bakery Cabinet ~

~ Miss Hickory’s Signature Cake ~

Our one-of-a-kind Signature Chocolate Cake is to die for!

It is a wonderfully moist chocolaty cake with creamy chocolate ganache and a buttercream marshmallow filling,

topped off with an edible sugar lace doily,

trimmed in edible pearls with a lovely Sweetheart Rose in the center!

This cake will easily serve two.

Great for special occasions.

Put your order in today!!

~ $8 each ~


~ Chocolate covered Oreos W/Floral Motif ~

Everyone’s favorite cookie dipped in velvety white chocolate,

topped off with a beautiful ‘chocolate’ floral motif!

~ Mini – $5.95/package of 5 ~

~ Regular – $5.95/package of 3 ~

~ Miss Hickory’s Shortbread Tea Cookies

Delicious shortbread cookies made with Earl Grey Tea, adding that very special flavor, topped with raw sugar crystals!!

~ $ 5.95/package of 5 ~

(W/Earl Grey Teabag W/Butterfly Tag to perch on teacup!)

~ Macaroons ~

These delicious Macaroons are filled with moist sweet coconut

and drizzled with dark chocolate.

~ $5.95/package of 2 large cookies ~

~ Homemade Jams & Butters ~


~ Homemade Jams ~

There is nothing like the taste of homemade jam!

Freshest ingredients!

Simple Methods!

These jams are sure to be a favorite!!!

Flavors available:

American Cherry

Apple Pie



Cinnamon Pear

Cranberry-Orange Marmalade

Damson Plum


Four Berry


Hot Red Pepper

Red Raspberry


Wild Blueberry

~ $6.95 per jar ~

~ Homemade Butters & Curds ~

Flavors available:


Maple Pumpkin

Lemon Curd

~ $6.95 per jar ~

~ Tea & Such ~

~ Loose Leaf Tea ~

Our loose leaf teas are organic and can be steeped 3 to 5 times.

~ $3.95/package – 3 teapots/1 teaspoon per cup ~

~ Tea Bags W/Butterfly Tea Tags ~

Teacup with Teabag

Miss Hickory’s Tea Room offers its loose leaf in tea bags for your convenience.

These make a unique gift or purchase them for yourself

as a reminder of your visit!

Steep your favorite teabag with a beautiful butterfly

perched on your teacup!

Flavors available:

Angels Dream

Arctic Raspberry

Blue Lady

Holiday Spice

Mercedes Apple Spice

Orange Spice

Peach Apricot

Pumpkin Spice

Scottish Caramel Toffee


~ Custom Order – Choose your Own Flavor (31+ Flavors available) ~

~ $8.95/package of 5 ~

(please allow up to 2 weeks for custom orders)

~ Tea Sets & Such ~

~ Character & Vintage Teapots ~

Miss Hickory’s Tea Room offers a lovely assortment of tea sets.

~ Styles & Prices vary – $12.95 & up (sold in individual pieces & sets, including Teapot, Creamer & Sugar, Teacup & Saucer Sets) ~

~ Blue Toile ~

~ Butterfly Rose Swag ~

~ Finch Royal Blue ~

~ Pink Rose Dots ~


~ Rose Swag ~

~ Satin Shelly Rosebud ~

~ Tea-for-Ones ~

~ Floral Mist ~

~ Magnolia &  Rose ~

~ Red Cardinal ~

~ Teacup Pin Cushions ~

~ $24.95 each ~

(designs vary; custom orders available)

~ Tea Sets for Kids ~

Petite Floral Tea Set for Kids (10 pieces)

What child wouldn’t love their very own elegant little tea set?!

Not only will they enjoy it for years to come, it will eventually become a family heirloom!

Miss Hickory’s Tea Room offers a lovely assortment of children’s tea sets.

~ Styles & Prices vary – $29.95/set ~

~ Prices vary – $12.95 & up (sold in individual pieces & sets) ~

Silver Hostess Tongs

~ Silver Hostess Tongs ~

Our Silver Hostess Tongs are elegant, while at the same time allow you to get a grasp on dessert loaves, tea sandwiches and aperitifs.

A lovely silver utensil will complement fine china and crystal.

~ $14.95 each ~

 Empress Tea Strainer

~ Empress Tea Strainer ~

Our Empress Tea Strainer is the most elegant of our strainers and will leave a lasting impression!

~ $8.95 ~


~ Demitasse Teaspoon ~ 

~ $2.95 each ~

Cutlery Cookbook Stand

~ Cutlery Cookbook Stand (orders only) ~

Our Cutlery Cookbook Stand will make quite the conversation.

As though to forecast their near usage, an Edwardian patterned fork and spoon secure your butter-stained pages in preparation of recipes.

~ $16.95 each ~

Young Reader Bookends (pair)

~ Young Reader Bookends/pair (orders only) ~

A wee tyke is enthralled with a picture book, though still able to stay on the task of propping your volumes upon the shelf!

~ $29.95/pair ~

Robin's Song

~ Robin’s Song ~

A subtle breeze prompts a pretty songbird to chirp melodiously.

The random to-and-fro of his twiggy swing activates a discreet motion sensor.

(battery included)

~ $12.95 each ~

Teapot Garden Art

~ Teapot Garden Art ~

What will add to the charm and ambiance of your garden? One of our Teapot Garden Art sculptures of course!

We have a variety to choose from … or bring your favorite teapot and we’ll do the rest!!

~ Styles & Prices vary – $64.95 each; $39.95 (with your teapot) ~

Ask for assistance at check out.

~ Crystal Jelly Lipstick – Color Change Lip Balm ~

~ $4.95 each ~


much, much more!!!

Due to COVID, reservations are required.