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Our ‘Scones of the Day,’ which will be introduced by your Server, are prepared daily with the freshest ingredients and will vary weekly.

Here are some of the scones we will be featuring.

~ All Scones are served with our house Devonshire Cream & homemade Jam. ~

Ask for some of our Jam to go!

History of Scones

Scones got their start as a Scottish quick bread. Originally made with oats and griddle-baked, today’s version is more often made with flour and baked in the oven. As for the origin of the word ‘scone,’  some say it comes from the Dutch word schoonbrot, which means beautiful bread, while others argue it comes from Stone of Destiny, where the Kings of Scotland were crowned. According to Webster’s Dictionary, scones originated in Scotland in the early 1500s. Scones became popular and an essential part of the fashionable ritual of taking tea in England when Anna, the Duchess of Bedford (1788 – 1861), one late afternoon, ordered the servants to bring tea and some sweet breads, which included scones. She was so delighted by this, that she ordered it every afternoon and what now has become an English tradition is the ‘Afternoon Tea Time’ (precisely at 4:00 pm). They are still served daily with the traditional clotted cream topping in Britain.

Scones – Pair

Apricot Pecan Scones (scones vary weekly)

Our traditional cream scone filled with delicious plump apricots & crunchy pieces of pecans, garnished with a cream glaze & candied pecans and served with homemade Apricot Jam & our house Devonshire Cream


Blackberry Peach Scones (scones vary weekly)

Our delicious cream scone is filled with chunks of fresh blackberries & peaches and drizzled with a cream glaze … served with our homemade Peach jam & house Devonshire Cream


Brown Sugar Pecan Scones (scones vary weekly)

A buttery rich scone made with brown sugar & pecans, drizzled with sweet butterscotch glaze & glazed pecans ... served with our house Devonshire Cream


Caramel Apple Scones (scones vary weekly)

A drizzle of caramel complements the fresh crisp apple & other wonderful flavors in these scones ... served with homemade Apple Pie Jam & our house Devonshire Cream


Cinnamon Chip Scones (scones vary weekly)

These incredibly moist scones will melt in your mouth with a wonderful cinnamon taste laced throughout in the form of cinnamon chips ... served with homemade Cinnamon Pear Jam & our house Devonshire Cream


Cranberry-Orange Scones (scones vary weekly)

Sure to be a favorite, these tasty scones are made with dried cranberries & freshly grated orange zest, topped off with a delicious glaze made with fresh squeezed orange juice ... served with homemade Cranberry Orange Marmalade & our house Devonshire Cream


Cream Scones (scones vary weekly)

Our Cream Scones are like a light & slightly sweetened biscuit ... served with homemade Jam & our house Devonshire Cream


Lemon Blueberry Scones W/Streussel Topping & Lemon Glaze (scones vary weekly)

These delectable scones are made with the freshest juiciest blueberries & lemon zest, topped off with a rich Streussel topping & wonderfully sweet lemon glaze ... served with homemade Wild Blueberry Jam & our house Devonshire Cream


Raspberry White Chocolate Scones (scones vary weekly)

A wonderful blend of flavors of fresh raspberries & creamy white chocolate, these scones are absolutely scrumptious ... served with homemade Red Raspberry Jam & and our house Devonshire Cream


Strawberry Scones (scones vary weekly)

These scones are prepared with fresh strawberries and just the right amount of fresh cream, with a drizzle of yummy icing on top ... served with homemade Strawberry Jam and our house Devonshire Cream